Best Bookshelf Ideas for Nursery: Adorable Ideas

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate and member of RewardStyle, I earn from qualifying purchases. Please visit our privacy policy for details….

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate and member of RewardStyle, I earn from qualifying purchases. Please visit our privacy policy for details.

Hey there, fellow parents and nursery decorators! Are you on the hunt for the best bookshelf ideas to spruce up your baby’s nursery? You’ve come to the right spot! Crafting a cozy corner for your little one’s books and toys is not just a great idea; it’s a journey into making their room a magical place. Whether you’re working with a grand space or a snug little area, there are creative ways to incorporate nursery shelves that match your nursery theme and color scheme.

From classic wall shelves that showcase baby’s books in all their colorful glory to small shelves perfect for those plush toys, we’ve got you covered. Think about adding a set of nursery bookshelves that are just the right size for all those picture books and baby books, or perhaps a DIY project using wood glue and a nail gun for that extra personal touch.

So, whether you’re eyeing those IKEA spice racks for an easy way to add extra storage or considering a custom nursery bookcase for a classic look, we’re diving into the best ways to keep your child’s favorite books and picture frames beautifully organized. Get ready to explore different color options, fun ways to incorporate a rocking chair beside a wall bookshelf, and how to use storage shelves to maximize space in small nurseries.

Grab your hammer (or maybe just your credit card for those hobby lobby finds), and let’s make your baby’s room the perfect blend of cozy, cute, and functional!

Baby Nursery Bookshelf Ideas Collage
Shop These Nursery Bookshelves

Cayman Bookcase | Pottery Barn

Available in Warm Black and Biscotti (pictured below) the Cayman Bookcase has a timeless look that’s warm and welcoming. Crafted of solid wood, the dimensional finish adds character and warmth to each piece. This bookcase’s understated silhouette and round edges create a look that’s sleek and timeless, even as your baby’s room transitions from baby nursery to child’s room.

cayman bookcase pottery barn

Rattan Nursery Book Shelf

Looking to spruce up your boho nursery? These beautiful rattan bookshelves are crafted from trusty pine wood and decked out with cool, faux caning. Each shelf comes with hanging hardware already fixed at the back. Plus, the drywall screws and anchors to make wall hanging a breeze. It’s all about making things easy and stylish for you and your baby’s nursery!

beautiful rattan nursery bookshelf for baby's room

Snail Shelf

The playful woven snail shape is a charming storage solution for your little one’s bedroom or playroom!

Perfect for holding small toys and books, it can be hung on the wall or sat on the floor.

Snail Shelf in children room or nursery

Arches Bookcase

The arched top shelves are stylish and modern. Sleek storage for the bedroom or playroom, crafted of kiln-dried wood for extra durability.

wooden arched bookcase for nursery

White Floating Nursery Book Shelves

What’s cool about these shelves is their floating design. Easy to mount on the wall, they’ll save you floor space and give the room a modern edge. And here’s the best part: each shelf is handcrafted with natural wood.

floating bookshelves in baby nursery

Sloan Bookrack 

Designed to display books face forward, this mid-century-inspired Sloan Bookrack blends vintage and contemporary style to give their playroom a beautiful, timeless look. It boasts a two-toned element that ups the cool factor and makes it easy for kids to choose what they want to read.

white and wooden childrens bookshelf

Floating Shelves for Wall Décor Set of 4

Crafted from durable bamboo, these floating shelves are eco-friendly, making them ideal for your baby’s nursery. With its stylish design, the scalloped wave edge of these shelves prevents items from falling off. Use them to display picture frames, small plants, books, toiletries, towels, or decor to keep your home neat and organized.

scalloped floating shelves in baby nursery on pink wall

Spaceship Bookcase

This adorable navy blue Spaceship bookcase will have them aiming for the stars! Formed in a fun spaceship silhouette, the design features multiple cubbies that little ones will love to fill with books and toys. Plus, it’s crafted of wood with a multi-step, hand-finishing process for durability and GREENGUARD Gold Certified, which means it’s built to contribute to healthier indoor air.

Spaceship Bookcase in space themed nursery

Babyletto Spruce Tree Bookcase

Discover the tree-shaped bookshelf, where form meets function in the most delightful way. This isn’t just a spot for book storage; it’s a piece that stands out, transforming any room with its whimsical design. The angled branches ensure everything from books to toys and knickknacks stays put, making it perfect for more than just reading material. Crafted from solid pine wood, it’s sturdy enough to hold 12–15 books on each shelf, making it the perfect size for any space.

Ideal for a nursery or playroom, it brings instant cheer and is the best way to keep favorites within easy access on the bottom shelf. Not only does it offer a great place for your collection of books, but it also becomes a charming home for those special items that tell your story. Durably made, this bookshelf is a good idea for anyone looking to add a touch of magic and organization to their home.

tree shaped book shelf for baby nursery

Madison Standalone Bookrack

The perfect classic bookshelf for your child’s book collection! Designed to hold books face forward, this bookrack keeps favorite titles on display and makes it easy for kids to choose what they want to read. With an open storage compartment below, bins and baskets can hold toys, crafts and even more books.

white bookshelf with storage on the bottom

Dollhouse Bookcase

The cutest way to display her books or toys is within the cozy walls of this Pottery Barn Kids dollhouse bookshelf!

Dollhouse bookcase for her bedroom

Just One More Story Book Bin

An alternative to nursery bookcases, this adorable “one more story” book bin is so cute! Great storage for your children’s books and the perfect height so kiddos can grab their own books.

white book storage for nursery

Children Bookcase with Reading Nook

In the enchanted realm of childhood, a bookshelf goes beyond furniture; it’s a gateway to endless adventures. Homall’s kids’ storage cabinet, with its perfect height, makes reading easy for young ones. The thoughtful double-seat design caters to your child’s reading needs, creating a space for parent-child bonding. Dive into stories together and explore the world of knowledge. This bookshelf offers storage for books and toys, making it a practical and lovely gift for your little ones. Embrace parent-child bonding with Homall’s kids’ bookshelf.

Children Bookcase with Reading Nook styled with toys and books

Furniture Grade Natural Wood “Flip-able” Floating Shelf

A best-seller on Etsy, these floating bookshelves are very simple design meant for functionality and durability. They can be hung upright as bookshelves or flipped over to use as shelves with a closet rod – which is really great for small nursery room spaces.

flip-able floating shelves for nursery

Wall Mounted Kid Bookshelf Storage Rack

Homfa wall mount kid bookshelf is simple, sturdy, and space-saving in classic style. Made of engineered wood with a white finish, it features sleek, open shelves with gently curved edges for child safety. With 4 tier shelves and rails, it’s perfect for books, toys, and more. Easy to mount vertically in a bedroom, nursery, or playroom for kids to access books easily.

Wall Mounted Kid Bookshelf Storage Rack


And there you have it, my fellow book-loving pals and creative souls! Who knew that setting up a little reading nook or jazzing up those nursery walls with some super cute shelves could be this much fun? Whether you’re all about that DIY life or prefer the click-and-buy convenience, there’s something out there for every style, budget, and space. Remember, it’s not just about filling up a room with stuff; it’s about creating a space where stories come alive, where imagination blooms, and where those tiny moments become treasured memories. Go on, make that cozy corner a reality, and fill it with laughter, stories, and maybe a cuddly toy or two. Here’s to creating a magical little haven that grows right along with your little one. Happy decorating!