Best Cheap Baby Monitors: 2024’s Top 5 Budget Picks

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate and member of RewardStyle, I earn from qualifying purchases. Please visit our privacy policy for details….

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate and member of RewardStyle, I earn from qualifying purchases. Please visit our privacy policy for details.

Let’s talk about a little piece of magic in the world of parenting: baby monitors. Now, as a mom, you’ve got a million things on your plate. Between the diaper changes and the late-night lullabies, you’re basically a superhero without the cape. But even superheroes need a sidekick, right? Enter the humble baby monitor – your extra set of eyes and ears when you’re juggling life.

In 2024, the world of baby monitors is like a treasure chest, filled with options that can do everything but make your morning coffee (I know, I wish they could too!). But here’s the thing – you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a great one. We’ve scoured the market to find the top 5 budget baby monitors that are big on features but gentle on your wallet. These budget baby monitors are not just budget-friendly; they’re reliable, easy to use, and, most importantly, they let you catch your breath while your little one dreams away.

So, grab a cup of your favorite coffee (or tea, I don’t judge!), and let’s dive into the world of the best baby monitors that are a total game-changer for savvy, cost-conscious moms like you.

Best Cheap Baby Monitors

Our Tops Picks: Best Cheap Baby Monitors

Stay with me as we dive into detailed reviews to help you choose the best cheap baby monitor tailored to your needs.

Key Features & Product Aspects to Consider

When curating our list of the best cheap baby monitors, we focused on a set of criteria essential for ensuring safety, convenience, and reliability. Understanding these features is key to making an informed buying decision:

  • Sound and Video Quality: Pristine audio clarity and high-resolution video are non-negotiable for monitoring your child’s well-being effectively.
  • Range: The monitor’s connectivity range determines how freely you can move around your home without losing signal.
  • Battery Life: Long battery life is crucial for continuous monitoring, especially in scenarios where charging may not be convenient.
  • Connectivity:Choosing 2.4GHz FHSS technology for baby monitors offers an advantage in reducing EMF exposure compared to Wi-Fi. This is because FHSS transmits on varying frequencies, resulting in lower and less constant radiation levels, making it a safer choice for your baby’s health and well-being
  • User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive design ensures you can operate the monitor hassle-free, even under stress.
  • Two-Way Audio: This feature allows you to soothe your child with your voice, adding an extra layer of comfort and interaction.
  • Night Vision: Clear visibility in low-light conditions is crucial for overnight monitoring.
  • Additional Features: Extra functionalities such as temperature sensors, lullabies, and motion alerts provide added value and control.

These elements form the backbone of our review process, ensuring the baby monitors we recommend offer the best combination of features at an affordable price point.

Recommended Baby Monitors

1) Babysense New Video Baby Monitor Model V24R

The Babysense New Video Baby Monitor Model V24R stands out for its well-rounded features that strike a perfect balance between quality and affordability. With enhanced video and audio capabilities, it ensures that you can keep an eye and ear on your baby with crystal-clear reliability. The intuitive interface paired with a high-resolution display makes monitoring your little one effortless, day or night.

  • Pros: High-quality video display, user-friendly interface, good audio quality, night vision, sound-activated LED indicators, two-way talkback communication, and room temperature monitoring.
  • Cons: Limited range compared to some high-end models, occasional delays in video transmission, lacks some of the more advanced smart functionalities.

For a firsthand look or to secure this monitor for your nursery, visit the Babysense New Video Baby Monitor Model V24R on Amazon.

babysense baby monitor white with small screen

2) VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor

The VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor is a standout choice for parents who prioritize sound quality and battery life. This dependable device offers clear audio transmission, eliminating white noise and allowing you to hear every giggle, gurgle, or cry from your baby. With its impressive range, you can be mobile around the house or garden without losing connection. The VTech DM221 also features two-way, talk-back intercom functionality, giving new parents the ability to communicate and soothe your baby from another room.

  • Pros: Crystal-clear audio with DECT 6.0 technology, long range of up to 1,000 feet, two-way communication; rechargeable battery with up to 18 hours of monitoring time, and vibration sound-alert on the parent unit.
  • Cons: Audio-only monitor with no video, basic design with limited high-tech features, and no remote temperature readout extra features.

To explore more or to purchase, click over to VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor on Amazon.

vtech audio baby monitor

3) The Wyze Cam Pan v3

For the tech-savvy parent, The Wyze Cam Pan v3 offers an array of smart features wrapped up in a compact and versatile design. This camera goes beyond traditional baby monitoring with its ability to pan, tilt, and zoom remotely, so you can follow your child’s movement around the room. Its clear 1080p HD video and night vision capabilities mean you have high-quality visual monitoring day and night. Pair this with motion and sound detection, and you have a baby monitor that ensures you’re always in the loop.

  • Pros: Exceptional 1080p image quality, full room coverage with 360-degree pan and 93-degree tilt, motion and sound detection with alerts, two-way audio, and smart home compatibility.
  • Cons: Reliant on a stable Wi-Fi connection, no dedicated parent unit (requires a smartphone or tablet), and subscription for full range of features. Some parents have some privacy concerns because of the video feed.

Interested in modern, smart monitoring for your baby’s nursery? Visit The Wyze Cam Pan v3 on Amazon for more details or to make a purchase.

WYZE Cam Pan v3 baby monitor

4) VTech VM924 Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Video Baby Monitor (TOP PICK)

The VTech VM924 Video Baby Monitor is a top contender for parents wanting both visual and auditory monitoring with remote control capabilities. This advanced monitor’s remote pan-tilt-zoom feature means you can adjust the camera’s angle from the parent unit to keep an ever-watchful eye on your baby. With an extended range and the ability to communicate with your baby through two-way audio, the VTech VM924 ensures that you’re connected no matter where you are in the home. This is a non-wifi video baby monitor. Adopted advanced 2.4GHz FHSS and digital encryption technology.  I like that it doesn’t need to connect to WIFI, because EMF, a radiation emitted by electronic devices like cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and baby monitors, may pose health risks, particularly to infants and young children, although its long-term effects are still under study.

  • Pros: Remote camera adjustment; high-resolution video; two-way communication; infrared night vision; and large display on the parent unit.
  • Cons: On the higher end of the “budget” spectrum, bulkier parent unit in comparison to others, lack of Wi-Fi connectivity, limiting remote access.

See the VTech VM924 in action and consider it as a guardian for your nursery by heading to VTech VM924 Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Video Baby Monitor on Amazon.

VTech VM924 Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Video Baby Monitor

5) HelloBaby Video Monitor

The HelloBaby Video Monitor provides an impressive suite of features that cater to parents looking for a reliable, no-fuss monitoring solution. Its 5-inch LCD display offers a clear view of your baby’s room, while infrared night vision makes after-dark monitoring a breeze. The device also provides handy features such as a sound-level LED indicator, two-way audio communication, and pre-programmed lullabies to help soothe your baby to sleep. For those focused on safety, the adjustable motion and sound alerts will signal any changes in your baby’s activity or environment. This is also a non-wifi video baby monitor. Adopted advanced 2.4GHz FHSS and digital encryption technology.

  • Pros: Large 5-inch color display, clear picture, secure and interference-free connection, good night vision, temperature display, long-range capabilities,  user-friendly interface, and no WIFI.
  • Cons: Limited camera rotation from parent unit; only supports up to two cameras, whereas other systems may support more, no Wi-Fi capability for remote viewing in real time.

To secure peace of mind and stay close to your child with the HelloBaby Video Monitor, be sure to check out the latest offers and customer reviews. They also have another version with extra cameras.

HelloBaby digital baby monitor

Baby Monitor Buying Guide

When venturing into the world of baby monitors, it’s vital to choose a device that aligns with your needs without overextending your budget. Here are key considerations to aid your decision-making process:

Quality Assurance

Analogue monitors are typically less expensive, but they’re prone to interference and offer limited range. Modern digital models, while slightly costlier, provide enhanced privacy and a clearer connection. Look for DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology for the best sound quality.

Video and Audio Monitoring

Decide whether you need a video feature or if audio-only will suffice. If you’re going for video, consider the screen size, resolution, and night vision capabilities. For audio monitors, ensure the sound clarity is exceptional. Two-way communication is a nifty feature that lets you soothe your baby with your voice.

Range and Portability

The monitor’s range indicates how far you can move from the baby unit without losing signal. Look for one with a range that suits the size of your home. A portable monitor with a long battery life can be carried around the house easily, providing constant monitoring without the need for frequent charging.

Added Features

Add-ons such as temperature sensors, lullabies, and nightlights can be very useful and add to your child’s comfort. Monitors with a remote pan, tilt, and zoom on the camera allow you to observe your baby with greater control and detail.

Expanding Your System

If you plan on having more children or want to monitor multiple rooms, look for a system that supports additional camera units. Some models allow for multi-camera setups, offering a comprehensive surveillance system.

Security and Interference

Security is paramount. Opt for a monitor that uses encryption to protect the data transmission from potential hackers. To minimize interference from other electronic devices, select one that operates on a unique frequency band or is Wi-Fi enabled with a secure connection.

Ultimately, the best cheap baby monitor for you is the one that balances functionality, reliability, and budget-friendliness while delivering peace of mind. Take the time to assess what features are essential to you and your baby’s well-being, and make an informed choice based on those criteria.

Budget-Friendly Alternatives

If you’re on a tight budget but still want to keep a watchful eye on your little one, consider these economically priced options:

  • Nooie Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio: For those who seek a device with both camera and audio capabilities, the Nooie offers wireless transmission, night vision, and an intuitive mobile app, all wrapped in a budget-friendly package.
  • VTech Upgraded Audio Baby Monitor: This video-free budget baby monitor is a user-friendly audio baby monitor with an extensive 1,000-foot range, ensuring reliable connection around the house and yard. It features a rechargeable parent unit with an 8-hour battery life and a convenient belt clip for mobility. Quick to set up, it includes a visual 5-level sound indicator and important sound alerts, offering a straightforward, efficient monitoring solution.
  • Motorola Video Smart Baby Monitor: Renowned for its strong brand reputation in baby monitoring, Motorola provides a smart and secure option that comes equipped with convenient features like room temperature monitoring and two-way communication.

These alternatives represent just a snapshot of what’s available in the ever-evolving baby monitor market. While they may not have all the bells and whistles of the premium picks, they offer the core functionality necessary to ensure your baby remains safe and sound.


In summary, the search for the best cheap baby monitor ends with our meticulously curated selection, ensuring premium features at a wallet-friendly price.

Choosing the best cheap baby monitor hinges on your personal needs, bearing in mind factors such as camera capabilities, sound clarity, range, battery life, and additional features such as temperature sensors and lullabies. All the products listed offer exceptional quality and affordability, ensuring that your baby is safe and sound whilst providing you with peace of mind. As you make your decision, remember that the ideal monitor marries functionality with ease of use, allowing you to enjoy those precious moments with your little one without worry.

Baby Monitors FAQs

What features are most important when choosing a baby monitor?

When selecting a baby monitor, the most important features to consider are sound and video quality to ensure clear understanding of your baby’s needs, range for dependable connection throughout your home, and battery life for sustained use without constant recharging. Additional features such as room temperature sensors, two-way audio, and lullabies may also be significant based on your personal preferences and requirements for baby care.

How can I ensure the baby monitor I choose is secure?

To ensure the security of your baby monitor, opt for models with encrypted wireless technology to prevent unauthorized access. It’s also wise to regularly update the firmware and change default passwords if applicable. For added security, consider a model that allows you to control who has access and monitors the connection for potential vulnerabilities.

Can baby monitors be used through walls and multiple floors?

Most baby monitors are designed to work through walls and multiple floors; however, the range and signal strength may vary depending on the construction materials and layout of your home. Look for monitors with a long-range capacity, and consider testing the monitor in various locations of your home to ensure consistent performance.

What should I do if I experience interference with my cheap baby monitor?

If you experience interference with your baby monitor, try changing the channel or frequency on the device, moving the parent and baby units farther apart from other electronic devices, or reducing the number of obstacles, such as thick walls or metal objects, between the units. Some monitors have features to automatically find the best channel for a clear signal, so refer to your user manual for the best troubleshooting methods for your specific model.

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