Top Best Nursery Recliners: Ultimate Comfort for Parents and Baby

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate and member of RewardStyle, I earn from qualifying purchases. Please visit our privacy policy for details….

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate and member of RewardStyle, I earn from qualifying purchases. Please visit our privacy policy for details.

Are you struggling to find the perfect recliner for your nursery that combines comfort with style?

With years of experience in nursery furniture reviews, we’ve helped countless parents navigate the myriad options to find the best fit for their homes. Our focus on in-depth testing, feedback from real customers, and an understanding of the nuances of nursery furniture design ensures that my recommendations are trustworthy and tailored to your needs.

  1. DaVinci Piper Recliner Glider
  2. Carter’s by DaVinci Arlo Recliner Glider
  3. Evolur Raleigh Glider Recliner
  4. Evolur Reevo Glider Massager
  5. DaVinci Casey Pillowback Swivel Glider
  6. Pottery Barn Kids Dream Deluxe Power Swivel Recliner

Best Nursery Recliners collage for nursery

TLDR SUMMARY: For the perfect blend of comfort and style in your nursery, I recommend looking into the DaVinci Piper Recliner Glider, the Carter’s by DaVinci Arlo Recliner Glider, and the Evolur Raleigh Glider Recliner, and the Pottery Barn Kids Dream Deluxe Power Swivel Recliner each offering features such as high backs for tall parents, lower seats for shorter parents, and budget-friendly options with ergonomic support. However, if those options do not meet your specific needs, alternatives like the Babyletto Kiwi Glider Recliner or the Monte Grano Glider Recliner provide a diverse range of features, including advanced comfort technologies and stylish designs.

Continue reading to discover the perfect nursery recliner that will offer you and your baby the ultimate comfort and relaxation.

What to Consider When Choosing a Nursery Recliner

Selecting the ideal nursery recliner goes beyond just picking a chair that looks good. Key factors play a crucial role in ensuring that the recliner does its job effectively while offering maximum comfort and convenience to parents during those precious early years with your child. Here are the essential features and aspects we’ve taken into account during our reviews:

  • High Level of Comfort: Look for recliners with plush cushioning, supportive armrests, and a backrest that accommodates the needs of nursing and comforting your child.
  • Proper Size and Ergonomics: The dimensions of the recliner should fit both the parent and the nursery space. Consider the height of the backrest for head support, especially for taller individuals, and the seat’s depth and width for an ideal fit.
  • Build Quality and Durability: A well-constructed recliner can withstand the rigors of daily use. Pay attention to the frame’s material, the stability of the chair, and the longevity of the fabric.
  • Easy-to-Clean Fabric: Nurseries are prone to spills and stains, so a recliner with durable, easy-to-clean fabric is a must.
  • Additional Features: Some recliners offer extra functionalities such as built-in massagers, multiple reclining positions, and swiveling bases that can enhance the experience.

Exploring these elements carefully will ensure you choose a nursery recliner that not only serves its purpose but also offers a safe and serene space for you and your baby to bond and relax.

Our Top Picks: Best Nursery Recliners

1) DaVinci Piper Recliner Glider

The DaVinci Piper Recliner Glider is a great choice because of its high back and sturdy base, making it an excellent option for taller parents seeking comfort and support. Its generous dimensions of 39.5 inches high by 30.5 inches wide by 34 inches long offer ample space, and at a price point of $350, it balances affordability with functionality.

Pros of this recliner include its ability to swivel, providing a smooth gliding motion that can soothe your baby to sleep. Additionally, the elegant, yet simple design can easily match a variety of nursery decors.

However, certain drawbacks are worth noting. The fabric has been reported to show stains over time, which could be a concern for maintaining a pristine look. Some users have also experienced difficulty in keeping the chair reclined, which could interrupt the comfort experience during long periods of sitting.

DaVinci Piper Recliner Glider in baby nursery room
DaVinci Piper Recliner Glider

2) Carter’s by DaVinci Arlo Recliner Glider

Catering especially to shorter parents, the Carter’s by DaVinci Arlo Recliner Glider offers a lower seat height that doesn’t compromise on comfort or style. Easy to assemble right out of the box, it measures 41.5 inches in height, 29 inches in width, and 38 inches in length, with a price tag of ~$599.

Pros include the recliner’s cozy cushioning, extra support, and its smooth gliding motion that helps in calming babies. The construction quality ensures longevity, making it a worthwhile investment for any nursery room.

On the downside, some users have reported a sticky mechanism which could hinder the reclining experience. Additionally, the velcro slipcover tends to be less durable over time, which might detract from the recliner’s overall aesthetic and functionality.

Ivory Arlo Recliner and Swivel Glider in Nursery
Ivory Arlo Recliner and Swivel Glider

3) Evolur Raleigh Glider Recliner

The Evolur Raleigh Glider Recliner emerges as a budget-friendly contender within the nursery recliner market. Priced at ~$300 or less (with discount options available on platforms like Amazon), it measures 39 inches high, 32 inches wide, and 31 inches long. It sports an ergonomic backrest designed for extended periods of comfort along with multiple reclining positions to accommodate your preferred angle of relaxation.

The key features of this recliner include its various reclining options that can be adjusted to your liking, as well as its sleek design that can complement any modern nursery. Its affordability makes it a popular choice for families looking to furnish their nursery on a budget without foregoing great quality and essential features.

However, some parents have noted that the chair’s seat and arms could feel narrow, which might not be ideal for all body types. Additionally, the recliner has a tendency to become squeaky over time, which may require maintenance to ensure continued smooth and quiet operation.

Evolur Raleigh Glider Recliner in beige
Beige Evolur Raleigh Glider Recliner

4) Evolur Reevo Glider Massager

Distinguishing itself with a unique feature, the Evolur Reevo Glider Massager includes a built-in massager. This massaging function offers adjustable intensity and modes with a touch of a button, providing a relaxing experience for new parents during those late-night feedings or when trying to catch a moment of rest as your baby sleeps. The recliner is priced at ~$540, and its dimensions stand at 39 inches high, 28.5 inches wide, and 36 inches long.

A significant advantage of the high quality Reevo Glider Massager is the ergonomic support it provides, along with the easy-to-clean fabric, which is a must-have for any nursery furniture.

While it offers several comfort extra features, some limitations include the inability to rotate a full 360 degrees, a feature that some parents might miss. Nonetheless, the chair’s stability and the addition of the massage functionality make it an appealing choice for those looking to indulge in a bit more luxury.

Evolur Reevo Glider Massager
Light Gray Evolur Reevo Glider Massager

5) DaVinci Casey Pillowback Swivel Glider

The DaVinci Casey Pillowback Swivel Glider offers an alluring combination of style, comfort, and affordability, with a price point of ~$285. Its dimensions are comfortably set at 40.50 inches high, 27 inches wide, and 35.25 inches long, making it a good fit for most nursery spaces.

The chair’s standout features include its affordable pricing and its plush, soft fabric, which brings a touch of elegance to the nursery. It also boasts a swivel mechanism that allows parents to turn and glide effortlessly, enhancing the soothing experience for both parent and a sleeping baby.

Despite its attractive design and price, some users express concerns regarding its sturdiness. The feeling that the chair might not be as stable as expected can be a drawback for those who prioritize long-term durability in their nursery furniture.

DaVinci Casey Pillowback Swivel Glider in Gray fabric
Gray DaVinci Casey Pillowback Swivel Glider

6) Pottery Barn Kids Dream Deluxe Power Swivel Recliner

Known for its luxurious feel and smooth electronic reclining action, this recliner is designed for optimal comfort.  Its power reclining feature allows parents to easily adjust and find their perfect position for feeding, reading during story time, or simply relaxing with their little one. It also

While this glider does come at a higher price point ~$1700-2k, many parents say it’s worth the investment due to its superior quality, performance fabric options, and functionality. Some users have reported that the chair is on the heavier side, making it difficult to move around, but overall rave about its comfort and style.

The Dream Deluxe Power Swivel Recliner also comes in a variety of colors and fabrics to match any nursery decor. It boasts a high backrest and lumbar support for extra comfort and is crafted with durable materials for long-lasting use. Plus, this chair is GREENGUARD Gold Certified to contribute to healthier indoor air, keeping you and your family safer.

Dream Deluxe Power Swivel Recliner in baby nursery
Dream Deluxe Power Swivel Recliner

How to Choose the Right Nursery Recliner

With such an array of options in the market, it’s essential to understand the key elements that make a nursery recliner a suitable fit for you and your child. Here’s what to consider before making your purchase:

  • Reclining Mechanism: Look for a smooth and quiet reclining mechanism. You don’t want to disturb your little one as they drift to sleep. Also, consider if the recliner needs space behind it to recline fully, as this will affect where you can place it in your room.
  • Durability: A recliner is an investment, and you’ll want it to last through the years. Check for high-quality construction, sturdy frames, and warranty offers that can ensure its longevity.
  • Comfort: Comfort is paramount when it comes to a nursery recliner. Check for ample cushioning, especially in the backrest and armrests. Ensure that the fabric is soft to the touch but also durable enough to withstand spills and stains.
  • Design: Your nursery recliner should match the aesthetic of your nursery. Look for colors and styles that complement your decor. Additionally, consider if the design offers conveniences like swivel functions or built-in pockets for storage.
  • Safety: Ensuring the recliner is free from harsh chemicals and is made with non-toxic materials should be a priority for the wellbeing of your baby.
  • Budget: Nursery recliners come in a range of prices. Determine a comfortable budget for you, but remember that spending a bit more might mean getting a recliner with better features that could offer better value in the long run.
  • Size and Fit: Take into account your body size and the available space in your nursery. A recliner should be roomy enough for you to sit and stand up from without effort, while also fitting nicely within the room’s layout.

Ultimately, the right nursery recliner for you is one that ticks all the boxes in terms of your personal needs, aesthetic preferences, and budget. Take the time to research and test out different options to ensure that you find the best possible chair for those special moments with your baby.

Alternative Nursery Recliners Worth Considering

While the previously mentioned recliners are some of the best on the market, the perfect chair for one family may not be the ideal option for another. Here are some alternative nursery recliners that bring unique features to the table:

  • Dream on Me Chatham Swivel Chair: This model offers a clean, modern design that could align well with contemporary nursery themes and includes convenient 360-degree swivel capabilities.
Dream On Me Chatham Swivel Gliding Recliner
Dream On Me Chatham Swivel Gliding Recliner
  • Babyletto Kiwi Glider Recliner: With its electronic power recline, different colors, and built-in USB port, this recliner combines functionality and comfort, making it ideal for tech-savvy parents.
Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Swivel Glider Recliner
Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Swivel Glider Recliner
  • Nurture& the Glider Recliner: Featuring a balance of style and comfort, this recliner offers plush seating, an adjustable head support so you can comfortably be in the right position, and comes in a variety of upholstery options.
Nurture& the Glider Recliner
Nurture& the Glider Recliner
Wingback Manual & Power Swivel Glider Recliner in nursery
Wingback Manual & Power Swivel Glider Recliner
  • Dream Swivel Glider & Matching Ottoman: For even more comfort, prop your feet on this well-cushioned ottoman while you bond with baby in the Dream Swivel Glider Chair. The cushions are made from a feather down blend so it’s a super soft and plush place to sit. Masterfully crafted from kiln-dried wood for enduring quality, it’s also GREENGUARD Gold Certified, which means it’s built to contribute to healthier indoor air for your family.
Dream Swivel Glider & Ottoman
Gray Dream Swivel Glider & Ottoman

Each of these alternatives offers something different, whether it’s the style, technology, material, or size. By considering what aligns best with your specific needs and preferences, you’ll be well on your way to finding the ideal recliner for your nursery.

Final Thoughts

Swivel chairs and the best nursery gliders are not just a good idea; they’re a transformative addition to your baby’s room. They outshine traditional rocking chairs with their ability to swivel, glide, and provide unparalleled support during those late-night feedings. For new parents, especially new moms grappling with lower back pain, a high-quality nursery recliner is a great choice.

It’s not only about comfort during story time but also about the peace of a sleeping baby in your arms. So, as you curate your baby registry, remember that a nursery recliner isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity for the modern parent.

In conclusion; 

  • High-quality and comfortable nursery recliners are essential for any parent looking for tranquility and comfort.
  • Features such as reclining options, ease of cleaning, and additional functionalities like massage features should be considered.
  • Each of the top picks caters to different parental needs, such as height considerations, budget-friendliness, and ergonomic design.
  • Whether you prefer a swivel, rocker, or glider recliner, there is an option available that meets a variety of style preferences and functional demands.
  • Alternative options like the Dream on Me Chatham Swivel Chair or the Pottery Barn Kids Dream Deluxe Power Swivel Recliner are also great options.

Best Nursery Recliner FAQs

What features should I look for in the best nursery recliner?

When searching for the best nursery recliner, consider features like a comfortable and ergonomic design that supports proper posture during feeding and relaxation. It should have a smooth reclining mechanism, be sturdy and easy to clean, and fit well within the size constraints of your nursery. Additional features such as a swivel base, gliding capabilities, or built-in massagers can enhance the experience.

How important is the size of a nursery recliner?

The size of a nursery recliner is crucial as it needs to comfortably fit the person using it while also being proportionate to the nursery room’s size. For taller parents, a recliner with a higher back might be necessary. Make sure to check the recliner’s dimensions to ensure it both fits your space and can be moved through doorways during installation.

Can I find a high-quality nursery recliner on a budget?

Yes, there are high-quality nursery recliners available at various price points to suit different budgets. Evolur Raleigh Glider Recliner, for instance, is a budget-friendly option while still offering several reclining positions and comfortable ergonomics. It’s important to compare features and read reviews to find the best value within your budget range.

Are there nursery recliners with advanced features?

Certain nursery recliners come equipped with advanced features such as built-in massagers, electronic reclining mechanisms, USB charging ports, and even swivel and gliding functionalities. These features can contribute to a more relaxing and convenient nursing experience, as seen in products like one of our favorite gliders, the Evolur Reevo Glider Massager.

Is ease of cleaning a necessary feature for nursery recliners?

Ease of cleaning is an important feature to consider for recliners in your baby’s nursery, as spills and stains are inevitable with infants. Look for recliners with wipeable surfaces or removable and washable covers, ensuring that the chair can be kept clean and hygienic with minimal effort.

What should I do if my nursery recliner starts to squeak?

If your nursery recliner begins to squeak, first identify the source of the noise, which is usually due to moving parts needing lubrication. Apply a little bit silicone-based lubricant to these parts. If the squeaking persists or there are other issues with the recliner’s mechanism, consult the manufacturer’s warranty or a professional for repairs.